Private Surveillance Investigation

Receiving information and data on a person is one thing, but seeing something with your own eyes is the ultimate proof that you can either trust or not trust a person.

Melbourne Confidential provides the highest level of private surveillance investigation using our experienced team of local field investigators. We pride ourselves on providing superior service and up-to-the-minute communications with our clients.

What does a Private Surveillance Investigation involve?

Our highly skilled team use a combination of static and mobile surveillance, vehicle mounted surveillance and covert entry (where lawful). We use night vision and covert video equipment to get the best possible footage for our clients.

Our investigators are the best in the field, with a military and law enforcement background and 50 years of combined private surveillance experience under their belt, including specialist training in advanced techniques to ensure that even the most difficult cases are completed successfully.

All the footage we gather in the surveillance investigation becomes your property to use for court matters or your own personal use.

Why engage a Private Surveillance Investigator?

If you are concerned about the well being or safety of your children whilst in the care of others or you suspect infidelity, private surveillance investigation is one of the best ways to confirm your suspicions and then act accordingly.

The importance of having experienced and specialist-trained surveillance investigators can’t be underestimated. Our private surveillance investigators can blend into any environment, gather information, produce official reports, and offer evidence in court if needed.

We gather information in the most discreet manner, doing whatever is lawfully possible to meet your needs and try our utmost to exceed your expectations.

We manage each case with diligence and focus, listening and responding to the specific needs of the situation, enabling client’s objectives to take precedence and be fully satisfied.

Private Surveillance operations require thorough planning, specialized private surveillance investigators to suit the operation and selective tools for each unique surveillance operation.

Melbourne Confidential are meticulous in ensuring that we identify all risks and reduce the overall awareness of its targets we investigate. An investigation not thoroughly prepared will create major issues. If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur that hasn’t done their due diligence.

Our private surveillance consultation services which can be sighted below have been specifically designed to reduce operational risk and improve overall results, better outcomes in quality of audio and video gathering and one of the major benefits to a consultation is the reduced costs in the overall operation. With our experience, we have identified that 80% of private surveillance investigations that don’t have a consultation or a well-planned/ executed processes to conduct surveillance will fail. A consultation is not only to reduce risk with the operation and reduce overall costs though it also identifies other ways that a problem/ investigation can be solved. That may include other investigation techniques outside private surveillance or within surveillance operations. Since our team are multi-skilled investigation veterans, they possess a unique skill to identify ways to achieve the results in the most cost-effective and less intrusive process to reduce awareness towards targets/ persons of interest.

Private Surveillance Consultations

We offer all of our clients a free 15 minute over the phone discussion, after the discovery conversation we will either proceed with your instructions or recommend our surveillance consultation package, listed above ( which we highly recommend), our consultation package will come with a fully documented report for your perusal and step by step instructions on planning and executing the investigation.

(Please note laws vary in every state, general advice is provided though legal advice should always be engaged prior to conducting an investigations).

How our consultation session work

During our first free 15 minute phone conversation we will reccommend what best suits your requirements.

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