Investigation Service Consultation

Do you have a unique investigation service that requires extra sensitivity? Do you need some advice from an expert?

Look no further than Melbourne Confidential, who will customise your investigation service requirements and advise you on your investigation needs.

Consultation investigation services include but are not limited to:

Reducing risk for employment and business partners

The investigation service team at Melbourne Confidential are trained to conduct a professional and discrete background check on your employees or new business partner. Our team will uncover who you’re really going to work with, and save clients thousands of dollars in rejected insurance claims and headaches.

Employment checks, identity checks, past verification, study verification, open source investigations, interviewing techniques, gambling habits, court orders financial issues are just some of the information our experienced team will confirm for you.

Electronic security sweeps

Some of our clients request electronic security sweeps to conduct an evaluation on the risks associated to their current IT systems and the electronic listening devices. We custom design site audits which will assist in identifying all weaknesses relating to your business, including landline, computer, boardrooms and server related connections.

Electronic forensic investigators on mobile phones, computers and servers

Mobiles, computers and servers hold a wealth of information, and our accredited forensic investigators can analyse data that has been deleted. We can analyse and trace hacking attempts, conduct internal investigations and prove when data (IP) has been copied or stolen.

Business intelligence

Get to know who your business clients are, how they operate, who their employees and contractors are and what they do that’s potentially giving them a business edge. We do this by gathering product intelligence and tracking manufacturers.

CCTV forensics

Our team forensically analyses CCTV footage when specific incidents have been captured on multiple video recording device formats. We first verify that the imagery hasn’t been tampered with and that the original image has been secured, then fix any grainy or unclear footage so that it can be used as evidence.

Our Consultation Packages:

Silver (4Hrs)


Bronze (2Hrs)


Consultations are subject to availability and may include email, phone and face-to-face video conference.

Get a competitive advantage for your business – book an investigation service consultation today on 1300 15 25 66

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