Electronic Security Sweeps

Are you confident that the privacy of your intellectual property, confidential board meetings and business transactions are completely secure and not being compromised?

Ensure your business information and data remain private, with an electronic security sweep (otherwise known as a bug sweep) by the highly experienced team at Melbourne Confidential. Our specialists will discuss your circumstances with complete confidentiality and provide advice on the best way to ensure privacy for your business and employees.

An electronic security sweep involves searching for and detecting any audio, visual, GPS tracking or data collecting device used to obtain information about you or your business without your consent or knowledge.

Devices we commonly find in Australian businesses include audio recorders, listening devices and video cameras hidden in boardrooms, executive rooms and other meeting rooms. Our unique equipment can detect the electronic bug even when it’s switched off.

Electronic security sweeps for business:

At your office

The most common electronic bug found at business premises are voice activated recorders (VOR). Our electronic bug sweep technician will locate these devices even when they are switched off.

On your work phone

Work phones are easily bugged as you don’t need access to an office; the phone can be bugged even a few kilometres away within the exchange. Even IP phone systems with encryption can be tampered with. Our trained technician can analyse your landline (analog or digital) and determine if any tampering has been conducted and if a transmission is active.

In and outside your vehicle

The most common electronic bug found in cars are GPS tracking devices with real time active audio. These devices pinpoint your location in real time and feedback audio whilst you are talking in your car. Engage us to ensure your car is safe and private.

For mobile phones

Easy access and installation of phone tapping software has prompted a surge in phone tapping. Our forensic hardware is capable of analysing the encrypted codes inside your handset or cloud connections to identify if your phone is tapped. Phone tapping is an offense, therefore we will provide a full report with a brief of evidence if you wish to proceed with legal action.

Data breaching devices, wifi and computer hacks

Every day business social media accounts get hacked, resulting in data loss or financial extortion where the owner is asked by the hacker to release their account information.

Wifi and man-in-the-middle attacks are becoming more common with the access to equipment over the internet. These systems help the the attacker gain information about you whilst you are using the internet, for example passwords and account details.

We can work collaboratively with your IT persons to identify anti espionage solutions.

What we guarantee you:

  • An accredited electronic security sweep specialist.
  • Equipment certified internationally by REI- www.rei.usa.net
  • A minimum of collective skills over 30 years.
  • A clear identifiable time frame onsite.
  • lear costs and documented findings.

Our meticulous security sweep agents will:

  • Analyse every access point for mains power devices.
  • Search and find laser listening devices.
  • Search and identify signals.
  • Onsite physical scanning and searching.
  • Landline telephone analysis.
  • Detailed Report.

Electronic Security Sweep Packages:



  • Analyse every access point on mains power (power points analysis)
  • Search and find laser listening devices (laser detection)
  • Search and locate listening device signals ( in offices)
  • Provide detailed report

*Prices vary based on clients requirements

Call us to discuss the most suitable electronic security sweep package to keep your business secure. 1300 15 25 66

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