Electronic Bug sweeps

Is someone listening to your private conversations? Are your movements being monitored by someone? Is your privacy being breached? Electronic harassment is becoming more and more common, with many of our cases involving an ex-partner in a divorce or infidelity case, someone attempting to gain information to use against you or less commonly, a stalker.

We can help answer your concerns by conducting an electronic bug sweep. Our electronic bug sweep specialist will discuss your circumstance with complete confidentiality and provide advice on the best way to resolve your matter.

Melbourne Confidential offers a fixed package fee. We will scan, identify and locate listening devices in your home including hidden video, mobile and home telephone tapping, and even search your car for audio and GPS tracking devices.

Once Melbourne Confidential has conducted an electronic bug sweep, we will give you some practical advice to help protect yourself from future bugging.

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Melbourne Confidential Electronic Bug Sweep includes:

  • An accredited electronic bug sweep specialist with 10+ years experience.
  • The use of guaranteed detection equipment.
  • A clear time frame for our onsite investigation.
  • Outlined costs.
  • A report for you to keep ( if required).

Electronic Bug Sweep Packages:

SILVER - Suited for small homes or larger units


  • Includes all services in Bronze package +
  • More time on site for physical scanning and searching
  • Conditions and inclusions:
    Prices are fixed on a 3-4 room unit, house or granny flat. Our TSCM operative will be onsite for up to 3hrs. Outside area fees apply for travel time at $350 per hour.

BRONZE - Suited for a small unit or granny flats


  • (power point check) Analyse every access point for mains power listening devices
  • (laser detection) Search and find laser listening devices
  • (signal identification) Search and identify signals
  • Conditions and inclusions:
    Prices are for a small 1-2 room unit or granny flat. Our operative will be onsite for 1-2 hours. Outside area fees apply for travel time at $350 per hour.

Call us today and discuss your matter confidentially 1300 15 25 66

Electronic Vehicle Detection:

Electronic Car Sweeps Add on to package On its own
Car $699 $999

Electronic Car Sweep Includes:

  • Vehicle placed on Hoist or for a full underbody inspection or onsite inspection.
  • Electronic power verification test, checking all electronics for power consumption ( for electronic bugs tapping power from car power).
  • Vehicle placed into a shielded environment.
  • Includes GPS tracking sweep.
  • Extra time allocated for a thorough search.

Book in for an electronic car sweep today 1300 15 25 66

Mobile Phone Sweep - is your mobile phone tapped?

Have you noticed that your phone’s battery is not lasting the distance, your data use has increased, your phone processing is delayed or is making unexplained noises?

These are signs that your mobile phone is possibly being tapped.

Mobile Phone Sweep Add on to package On its own
I-phone $899 $1200
Samsung $699 $999
Phones older than 2012 $400 $800

Book your mobile in for a phone sweep today 1300 15 25 66

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