Investigation Service Consultation

If your case requires extra sensitivity or you need expert advice before proceeding with an investigation service, Melbourne Confidential offers consultations that help us determine the best investigation package for your needs.

Regardless of the size or complexity of the issue, our investigation service consultation will cover expert advice, direction and review of all your documentation including emails and phone communications.

By pre-planning your specialised investigation package, we can save you thousands of dollars in time during the investigation service and increase the overall chances of a successful investigation.

"The best preparation for tomorrow is to pre plan today"

-Melbourne Confidential -

What to expect from your consultation with Melbourne Confidential:

The Melbourne Confidential team will help you decide what the most important piece of information is that you wish us to uncover or investigate. We will ask you about the amount and nature of the information in your possession and make sure you’re comfortable with the steps we’ll take to get you the answers you need.

Whether you need to find a missing person, do a background check, obtain child support evidence, search online information or extract forensic data from a device – we will ensure you are 100% confident in your investigation process, and set a time frame for success.

Why should I consider a consultation before using a specialist Investigation Service?

  • Your investigation includes multiple persons of interest.
  • You have several investigations to conduct at one time.
  • You require different services than those described in our service packages.
  • You simply don’t know where to start with an investigation.
  • You want to have a discussion before deciding whether to investigate the issue.
  • Your lawyer has advised you to seek the advice of an experienced investigator.

Consultation Packages:







Consultations are over the phone or via email only, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Book a consultation today 1300 15 25 66

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