Computer Forensics / Phone Forensics

Data Recovery Investigation

Do you:

  • Need to recover deleted or lost information from your mobile phone, tablet, website or an app?
  • Want to crack or bypass a password on your mobile phone or tablet?
  • Need to recover lost information in a forensic investigation manner for court purposes or as a standard digital recovery for general purpose use?
  • Require a computer forensic evaluation on your computer or server?
  • Need a portable forensic evaluation for your vehicle?
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Our data recovery investigation team can help your business recover the data it needs with our comprehensive standard data recovery or a digital forensic investigation recovery services.

Standard data recoveries often use code and boot loaders attached to the data you are trying to recover, which manipulates the original code. This process is not admissible in court and people have the right to argue that the information supplied has been manipulated to some degree.

The other option is a digital forensic investigation, which does not contaminate the data that is copied or transferred, so the code is pure and the information supplied can be used in court.

How much information can be recovered in a data recovery investigation?

Our data recovery investigation experts only use state-of-the-art police equipment. We have invested in the best digital forensic equipment and tools on the market and our specialists are licensed and accredited forensic examiners.

All we require is the model number of the phone or computer, operating system and storage size. It’s important not to perform any updates on the items once you decide to proceed with a digital forensic investigation. Once we complete the forensic evaluation we will ensure that any court documentation you require, including affidavits and annexures all can be used in your brief of evidence.

For more data recovery information and pricing please call us on 1300 15 25 66

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