Competitive Intelligence and Corporate Intelligence

For Corporate VIPs – cyber attacks, clandestine competitor operations, falsified employee information and other illegal executive activities are all potential threats to the success of your business and brand identity.

If you require a complete understanding of your competitors, information and people; generic intelligence methodologies won’t be thorough enough. That’s why Melbourne Confidential offers completely customised intelligence service contracts, designed to meet all your competitive and corporate intelligence needs. Since 1996 our team has worked with executives and their brand identity to protect their intellectual property.

Competitive and Corporate Intelligence services include:

Computer forensics, data retrieval and intelligence gathering.

Employee background checks (Including civil checks, court documentation history, bankruptcy and civil litigation).

Competitor intelligence (clandestine operations).

Open and closed source internet investigations, the skill to extract information from different sources that is usually unavailable to the general public.

Information training seminars or training packages so you can develop your own intelligence capabilities in-house.

Contact our Managing Directors today to discuss your Corporate VIP Intelligence requirements 1300 15 25 66

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