Child Custody & Child support Investigation

Are you going through a child custody dispute and need information on your partner’s daily movements and routine that can be used in court? Do you have concerns that the mother or father of your child has not declared income to avoid child support payments, or is not meeting your child’s needs?

Our team is here to assist you through your child support investigation and collectively obtain the intelligence you require to gather the facts to support your claims. Our specialised child support investigation team know the court system and child protection services inside out and work sensitively with you and your family.

For complete peace of mind, contact the Melbourne Confidential team on 1300 15 25 66

Why engage a Child Support Investigation professional?

We understand that your child is the most precious thing in your life, and for separated parents this can be a constant source of worry and stress if you feel that your ex-partner is not providing an adequate level of child care or evading child care repayments.

Our specialised Private Investigators from Melbourne Confidential have years of experience handling delicate and private investigations for families dealing with custody disputes.

The Family Law Court of Australia attest that conditions and actions such as violence, gambling, alcohol or substance abuse or fraud are circumstances unfit for a child to be exposed to, the matter of proving these circumstances is not as straightforward. You are required to provide solid evidence that can be difficult to obtain without the latest technology, skills and proficiency that our private child support investigators are equipped with.

Melbourne Confidential provides parents and those suffering from unjust divorce settlements with the means to expose the truth surrounding their cases, thereby giving them the means to readdress those hearings for better outcomes. Our private investigators have helped hundreds of clients across Australia address suspicions and allegations into poor parenting or exaggerated circumstances surrounding divorce.

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