Address or Phone Number Investigation

Do you need to find out someone’s address or phone number?

Trust Melbourne Confidential to locate a person or find their phone number, using specialised databases and coding to extract data from the internet that other investigation companies are unable to recover. The experienced Senior team uses a Unique Multiple database verification system to conduct each address or phone number investigation.

We have access to numerous databases that are not available to members of the public, enabling us to conduct a thorough address or phone number investigation to successfully find out individual’s current address or phone number.

The Melbourne Confidential team can help you:

  • Find an old friend (verify an old address or phone number).
  • Find out the location of someone who is constantly calling or harassing you.
  • Find an address for a court-related matter.
  • Find out someone’s address to assist in serving documents.

Can I perform my own address or phone number investigation?

You can try and use the internet to search for phone numbers by a person’s name or address. Usually details listed are public numbers that have been registered in the phone book. However for unlisted numbers, or people who do not have a registered landline phone, you may need to consider hiring a private investigator to search databases which are restricted for public access.

Finding a phone number using a professional investigator is perhaps the most efficient of all search modalities. Investigators have the ability to access huge amounts of personal information over the internet and can typically discover many phone numbers that are associated with a given person.

Public record searches and credit history checks may contain phone numbers and are always included in the list of background search items ordered by most private investigator.

An address search is a common type of public records search which can help to locate people. Address investigations are one of the easiest ways of finding someone for the purposes of enforcing a judgment or collecting a debt, as well as for reconnecting with an old friend, business associate or lost love. It is certainly possible to perform basic address queries on your own, but for difficult to locate people, hiring a private investigator is your best chance.

Address or Phone Number Investigation Packages:



5 days



7 days

Simply choose the time frame you need to get the information you require.

Start your phone number investigation today 1300 15 25 66

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