"where traditional investigators meet modern expertise"

When something just doesn’t seem right, that’s your instinct telling you to act, or at least investigate further.

The highly experienced Melbourne Confidential team uses instinct developed over a combined total of 50 years working on personal, business and VIP investigations, as well as data forensics expertise and access to information beyond what’s available to the general public.

We are traditional investigators working with the latest technology to achieve positive investigation results for our clients.

Our Team


Luke Athens

Technical Investigator

Melbourne Confiendiential’s senior investigator Luke Athens has built a National profile as a private investigator, with thousands of resolved cases and an unblemished reputation since 1996.

Luke Athens

Technical Investigator


Andrew Lau

I.T Specialist

Melbourne Confidential’s I.T specialist Andrew Lau delivers his unique skill set to the private sector with integrity and professionalism.

Andrew Lau

I.T Specialist


Adam Virzi

Operations manager

Melbourne Confidential Operations manager Adam Virzi began his career in counter fraud operations in 2008 and has assisted with thousands of cases across multiple investigation platforms.

Adam Virzi

Operations Manager

About Us

Our journey commenced whilst investigating a missing child investigation in 2018, Luke and his team assisted local, federal and missing person investigation units to successfully recover a four year old child from a child abduction syndicate. This investigation case was one of Australia’s largest and most complex investigations Luke and his team has seen in their careers.

Luke and his team worked so well together that they decided to join forces and open a new division in Melbourne to help solve more cases and help more people find justice – and in 2018 they founded Melbourne Confidential.

Melbourne Confidential holds the largest information-gathering database system in Australia. Our three man team work together on every case and unlike other investigation companies who outsource their services; we do the majorities of the investigations ourselves, because we love what we do.

We have local experience investigating within Melbourne and Victoria, but also draw on our experience working in other areas of Australia as well as our access to National data. Our head office is based in Malvern Victoria and our satellite office in NSW.

The Melbourne Confidential Process

We make the investigation process easy for you.

1. We start with a free 15 minute confidential phone conversation to get an understanding of your current situation.

2. Next, the Melbourne Confidential Team will gather all the information and evidence they need from you, to advise you of the most suitable package for your investigation needs.

3. Once the agreed package is selected, we will introduce you to your personal case manager who will be available for you at every stage of the investigation process.


To cover the broad scope of work required to conduct a thorough and successful service, we offer a range of unique packages for Personal, Business and VIP Investigations.

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November 21, 2018

Missing Child Recovery

The kidnapping syndicate investigation all began with two private investigators named Simon Solomon and Luke Athens. Simon and Luke had been placed covertly on the […]
November 21, 2018

Channel 9 National News

Channel 9 news reporter Chris O’keefe interviews Luke Athens about mobile phone interceptions and how common these targeted attacks are with some simple software purchased over the internet. Two of Lukes clients that had their mobile phones hacked discuss with Channel 9 news about their discovery. Since the introduction of […]
November 21, 2018

Bugging Scandal

Look no further and engage one of Australia’s most senior security sweep specialist. When Strathfield council staff had several home residences broken into and threats being made by an unknown sourced party, Strathfield council acted and engaged our leading security expert to search and secure any electronic listening devices that […]
November 21, 2018

Australian Radio Network

As the KIIS FM private investigator for Kyle and Jackie-o , we have solved many cases over the years. One case remains close to our hearts and this was the case […]


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